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What to expect

Pure Bowen offers you an efficient, expert, accessible and friendly source of treatment and consultation. If you are new to complimentary therapies or looking to experience the Bowen Technique for the first time we will provide you with a clear, concise, plain talking introduction to Bowen.

We will be happy to answer any of your questions or address any concerns you may have in advance of a treatment.

Straight talking

Treatment will be explained as clearly and as simply as is possible.


All consultations are highly confidential. All client records are stored securely adhering to data protection and confidentiality requirements.


Evidence of qualifications and membership of professional practitioner’s bodies will be displayed or available on request.

Value for money

Appropriate treatments will be administered only for as long as is needed – by trained, qualified and up to date therapists.


Treatments will be available daytime & evenings. We have a commitment to return calls and emails promptly. Where a venue is inaccessible for a client with a disability we will make every effort to make suitable alternative arrangements.

Clear pricing policy

A clear pricing policy will be readily available. For all current prices please click here.

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Our range of services

Workplace Services

Pure Bowen offers on-site treatments and consultations to fit in with and compliment busy workplace environments. A Bowen treatment requires no oils or the removal of clothing. It thus makes it an extremely popular therapy for use in the workplace. A range of services are available such as taster sessions, stress busting days and regular workplace clinics. Pure Bowen provides companies with a unique, valuable and highly praised service for employees.

Sports Clubs

Pure Bowen has experience of providing training support to sports and athletic clubs as well as individual athletes from a variety of different disciplines. Evening and weekend clinics for post training and post competition injuries or "knocks" are available as well as specific consultations. Bowen is ideal for sports injuries, general aches, pains and niggles and most importantly for injury prevention. Group rates for club specific surgeries are available.

Event Organisers

Pure Bowen provides event organisers with an ideal on-site effective and remedial therapy useful for general relaxation as well as specific problems.


Pure Bowen is able to offer tailored packages to Hotels (individual and groups). Ranging from specifically targeted stress buster weekends to on-site consultations and surgeries. Pure Bowen is happy to work with hotel and conference providers to develop generic or bespoke services for both individual and corporate guests.

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Pure Bowen

"I can assure you that I benefited greatly from Bowen. The relief I received was phenomenal."
72 year old lady with neck
& back pain