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The Bowen Technique

What is Bowen?

The Bowen Technique originates from Australia and takes its name from the founder 'Tom Bowen'. Bowen has been practised in this country since 1993.

The Bowen Technique is a gentle treatment in which the therapist uses thumbs and fingers on precise points of the body to perform rolling type moves. A Bowen move consists of a rolling movement of skin over a muscle, tendon or nerve. Receptors in the body detect the amount of stretch and tension in muscles, tendons and joints. The receptors send information to the brain so that adjustments can be made to rebalance the body.

The 'bowen moves' are made all over the body not just on the area of concern to the client. The aim of the treatment is to rebalance the complete body. As one imbalance is corrected it can trigger other positive changes elsewhere in the body. Bowen has been found to balance the lymphatic, digestive and hormonal systems as well as working on musculo-skeletal problems.

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What Bowen can help

When life is hectic and demanding the natural balance of the body is disturbed by the stresses placed upon it. Bowen is a useful means of stress relief since it produces a feeling of profound relaxation. It is not even necessary to have a specific problem to benefit from Bowen – a treatment can create a feeling of immense wellbeing .

The gentle nature of Bowen means it is particularly effective for all ages including babies & children and the elderly. There are a great variety of conditions which Bowen can help, these include:

However if you have a condition which is not listed please call for advice.

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Bowen in Sport

Bowen is useful in three respects with regards to sport;

Regular Bowen can help sports people experience less injury, reduced severity of injury and it can greatly reduce healing time.

Bowen can enhance performance by increasing flexibility and balancing the structure of the body.

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What to expect during treatment

The first consultation begins with a thorough assessment by the therapist. The client is asked to lie on a treatment couch unless unable to do so when treatment can then be undertaken sitting in a chair. Children are treated in a very informal way e.g wherever they are most comfortable. Treatment can mostly be performed through light clothing.

A key feature of a Bowen treatment is that the therapist will make a couple of moves and then leave the room for a few minutes. This short break gives time for the body to respond to the very precise and effective stimulation of the gentle moves.

Afterwards the therapist will talk to you about how to care for yourself after the treatment. A leaflet will be given to reinforce the importance of the 3 W's;

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Pure Bowen

"Whatever this mysterious method is, it must be learnt by more people, because it really does make a difference to lives."
Jerome Flynn